Wednesday, May 30, 2012


A few Sundays ago Joe took Reese to PetSmart to pick up some dog food for our two dogs Tucker and Bella. Here's a snapshot of them with me a few days before Miss Reese was born.

They're great dogs and they're so kind and patient with Reese which makes them really great dogs. However, having two really great dogs and a really great daugther is a bit a handful at times. It's not too much to handle, but I don't need any additional canine kiddos added to the mix ifyouknowwhatI'msayin'.

Joe and Reese had been gone on their PetSmart trip for quite awhile so I decided to call to make sure they were ok. When Joe picks up he apologized and said he had totally forgotten Sunday was PetSmart's Adoption Day and he took Reese on a side trip to visit and pet all the dogs. Here are some pictures off Joe's I-Phone from their little excursion.

Joe said she had a blast visiting and talking with the animals. I always feel so bad for the pets up for adoption. Joe adopted Tucker from an animal shelter and together we adopted Bella so I am all for adopting animals in need, but again I don't need anything else added to my  responsibility plate right now ifyoustillknowwhatI'msayin'. 

I always thought Joe felt the same way, so when he tells me he and Reese adopted a dog on their outing I am speechless. Not for long though. Pretty soon I say something like, "WHAT! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME SANDERS!" To which he replied by saying something like, "You'll see honey, we're pulling into the driveway now."

Let me introduce you to the newest member of our family...

our stuffed yorkie (without a name yet)! Apparently, Joe took Reese on another side trip to Target to pick up this low maintanence beauty. She doesn't bark or shed or need to be potty trained. She even lets Reese comb her to death (I guess not really since she's not technically alive but you know what I mean).

Best of all this new addition to our family makes this girl happy. And Mommy's happy, too.
Well played Joe.

Now for a name??
Suggestions please!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Then and Now

Today isn't my exact anniversary of becoming a stay at home mom, but it's certainly close. Let's take a look back at what Reese was up to then and now.

Then her exersaucer was a favorite play time activity.

So was rolling around on a blanket.

Now she really enjoys swinging.
The higher and faster--the better--in her opinion.

and pretty much getting into ev-ery-thing. Sigh.

Then she absolutely hated being in the pool.

Now she loves it.

Then she had to be spoon fed.

Now she proudly feeds herself.
Sometimes with her bestie right by her side.

Wow! What a difference a year can make!

So, how has my life changed from then to now?
Let's break it down...

Then I took care of, disciplined, and educated 25+ children; Now it's only 1.

Then I planned lessons; Now I plan play dates.

Then I was lucky to have 10 minutes for lunch; Now it's unlimited.

Then I drove to work; Now I drive to run errands.

It's not all roses and rainbows though folks...

Then I buzzed the office if a child puked, pooped, or peed on themselves; Now I am the cleaner upper.

Then I was guaranteed to have some sort of adult interaction throughout the day; Now there's no guarantee.

Then I woke up early on workdays; Now I wake up early everyday.

So...If I had to choose then or now?
I'd choose NOW

Why you ask? 

Then I was happy with my career; Now I'm even happier.

Then I thought mostly of my well being; Now it's her's.

Then I dreamt of being a Mom; Now I am Reese's Mommy.

Best and hardest job in the world!
The perfect job for me. 
Then and Now.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mother's Day

In honor of Mother's Day we went to Grand Lake for an extended weekend. Reese was able to spend some quality time with her Grandma and

Grandpa Sanders.

Her and Daddy played tetherball.
Reese loves time with her Daddy.

She actually did take a few hits at it though.

Basketball seemed to be where her real interest lied.
She's a girl after her Daddy's heart alright.

That was until youknowwhat walked by.


Reese enjoyed our boat rides but hated wearing the required lifejacket. What kid likes them though?

Once the boat started rocking--sleep came a knockin'.

Family Picture attempt # 1

# 2

# 3...oh well maybe next year!

The highlight for me was meeting a day old baby goat.

This family we met has a farm and one of their goats had babies so they decided to take one of the new goats with them. Apparently the mama goat wasn't feeding the baby and so they needed to bottle feed it for it to survive. 

It was so precious. It kept sucking on my neck. 

Reese was in goat petting heaven.

We made some great food at the lake, too. Reese's corn on the cob eating skills are better than ever. I guess she'll be ready for the State Fair 2012. 

Now that's a girl after her Momma's heart.

She's the best Mother's Day gift ever!
The Louis Vuitton purse was a close second though.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Pool Party

Well, okay, so it was hardly a Pool Party, but Reese did have some solo pool fun the other day.

Have you ever seen a prettier bathing beauty?
I think not!

I am thinking of signing Reese up to take swim lessons this summer. She's enjoyed being in the water and lately, during her baths, she has started belly surfing.

Here she is in her pool.
A big smile when she first gets in.

Exploring all her pool toys.

She discovered that things that aren't allowed in the bathtub are in fact allowed in the pool.
Like standing up. 
She's so pleased with her discovery.

And climbing out of the pool--

only to climb right back in. This was a big hit.
Man, the pool is cool!

Ahhh, life is good when you're Reese Caroline.

P.S. We saw a ton of butterflies outside while hanging by her pool. Has anyone else noticed this in their gardens? I wonder if it has something to do with the mild winter we had?  Anyway I enjoy seeing them around.

P.S.S This is my 100th blog post! 

In celebration of this "accomplishment" my sister and I went to Las Vegas this past weekend! Well, actually we went there to celebrate my 30th birthday, but whatever the reason Momma Left Town for some R&R. I can't share many details about my trip because What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas! I am able to share a few pics though.

Kate and I Vegas Bound.

We stayed at The Mirage Hotel.
Our arrival shot at our tropical themed home for 3 nights. I loved this hotel!

Here we are eating at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at the Paris Hotel. The views of the Las Vegas Strip were great. The company was even better.

Happy 30th Birthday and 100th blog post to me!
Thanks Kate for the wonderful memories and to Joe and my mom for watching over our precious little girl in my absence!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Myriad Gardens and Splash Pad

Last week while the Downtown Arts Festival was going on we went to the Myriad Children's Garden and Splash Pad. Emma and her mom were there, too for our weekly playdate.

I am so happy to know about this FREE children's entertainment spot and I plan on taking full advantage of it over the next several months.

The Children's Garden is mostly made of that rubbery flooring material which is great for new walkers like Reese!

She had so much fun climbing.

and was so proud when she found a ball! 

A perfect garden to run around in with your bestie.

And to stop and smell the flowers.

Then we headed to the Splash Pad that is just outside the garden area.

Reese (and a boy in his whitey-tighteys) were quite adventurous there.

And then the storm broke. Literally. 
It scared poor Reese to death. Luckily her savior, aka ME, went into the pouring down rain and rescued her!

What. an. experience.
Have no fear though. This girl was only traumatized for 30 seconds and then she was right back at it. My crazy, adventurous girl!

We finished off the afternoon with a picnic lunch.
Reese enjoys yogurt just a tad as you can see.

I enjoy being part of Reese's childhood memories.
Even wet, messy ones!