Monday, January 30, 2012

Science Museum

Reese and I met Emma and her mom, Brooke, for a play date at the Science Museum. Emma is Reese's friend from Gymboree. It was so much fun!

The girls looking at the ball maze together.

I really liked that there was a separate play area for younger children. Here we made huge bubbles and played in a water table. This is also where Reese found the touch screen computer,

and Emma enjoyed the magnetic carnival.

Reese and I experienced riding in a tractor.

The girls crawled around. 
How cute are they together?
I know, SUPER cute!

Reese found the puppets.

Not a big surprise considering her love of puppets.

They played with a wooden train set and 

after a quick snack...

saw an electric train in motion!

They have a really neat treehouse playground for older kids. Brooke and Emma went down the spiral slide there. Looked like fun, but apparently not fun enough for me to go, too.

Reese seemed to really enjoy feeling the copper coil.
It gradually went from warm on one end to ice cold on the other.

Then it was off to explore the optical illusions room.

This was awesome because it had wide open spaces for the girls to crawl and crawl and crawl and well, you get the idea.

This room had a large table and chair set.

Perfect for snapping some mother-daughter pictures.

There were some floor fans going that the girls sat in front of.

Can you say "wind blown!"

They loved it--for sure!

Reese and Emma giving Brooke some love.
Emma didn't enjoy having to share her momma though.

Last stop: the gymnastic area.

They had a bunch of mats to climb on.
Kinda like a mini Gymboree.

They got a bit too close to the t.v.
However, they gained some gymnastics history.
The education outweighed the vision loss I'm sure.

Overall, the Science Museum was a blast with our two favorite play date girls.

Hopefully there are many more play dates to come!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Step by Step

Reese has been taking steps lately.

I wouldn't call her a walker quite yet, though, mainly because crawling is still her favorite way to get around. She is just so darn fast at it. I think her quickness with crawling has decreased her motivation to walk. Sometimes she surprises me and takes steps on her own, but mostly she does it with my encouragement and praise.

See for yourself!

Today we bought Reese her first pair of Stide Rite shoes. I remember walking by that store while I was pregnant thinking, "Someday I'll be shopping there for my child's first pair of walking shoes." Well, today was that day.

Reese will walk soon. I just know it.

Until then she'll be taking it step by step.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Momma's Little Helper

Reese "helps" me do all sorts of things around the house.  She's momma's little helper alright.

For instance, I don't know how I would put groceries away without Reese blocking the refrigerator and pulling condiments out its' side door.

Who wants sunlight pouring in during the daytime hours? Certainly not me! Reese helps by closing the shutters. She's a big helper indeed.

I no longer have to struggle to unravel the toilet paper off the roll. Reese has me covered by unrolling it so it's ready to go at my convenience.

Laundry has never been easier with Reese pulling all the clothes out of the basket and onto the floor.

Laundry had never been an entertaining chore for me. That changed when Reese started playing peek-a-boo with all the clean clothes.  

She absolutely loves playing with the empty laundry basket, too.

Whoa Reese! Watch out below!

Thankfully this time it was a smooth landing. 
See what I'm talking about--pure entertainment!

I love when she realizes where all the clean clothes went.  She looks at them and wonders how she's going to get to them.

She's also the best makeup artist in town.  She encourages me to stay as natural as possible by running off with all my goodies.

Household chores and daily activities might take me longer now that Reese is helping out, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

She truly does help me by making my days colorful and full of love and laughter.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Princess Coupe

My Princess loves her Cozy Pink Coupe she received for her birthday.

Reese--Clap if you love your Cozy Coupe!

Reese--Smile big if you love your Cozy Coupe!

Reese--Now smile really, REALLY big if you still love your Cozy Coupe!

Consider yourself warned that my princess is offically behind the wheel and she's loving every minute of it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1st of Many

At exactly 12:13 pm on Sunday, January 8th 2012 Reese Caroline turned 1 year old. It just so happens that her dog theme party started at the exact same date and time.

There were decorations,

the most delicious PUPcakes,

and dogs galore!

Our family and friends came to help us celebrate,

We ate,

sang Happy Birthday to Reese,

and then watched her destroy her doggy bone cake.

Mission: Accomplished.

Then it was time to open her many presents.

The day was great.
Wonderful memories were made.

The past year has been the best of my life.
It's all because of this beautiful birthday girl.

I can still hear some of us singing to her...
Hope you live to be one hundred!
Hope you live to be one hundred!
Hope you live to be one hundred!
And then one hundred more!