Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Goodbye Daddy

Reese says goodbye to her daddy like this.
She hates for him to leave for work.
So do I.

We both look forward to having him back home.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Silly Willies

Sometimes Reese gets a case of the silly willies.
She giggles at the silliest noise or face I make.
She's probably just overly tired.
It could also be that I'm hilarious.
Yeah, that has to be it.

Hers is the best giggle in the world I do believe.
Obviously, I will go to great lengths to hear it.

Monday, November 28, 2011


What were you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

To start, I was thankful for good food!
Reese sure enjoyed the grub at her first Thanksgiving.

I am always thankful for my family.
Reese sure felt the love.

Nana Charlotte is the best.


Papa Bear isn't too shabby either.

I am especially thankful for this child.
And all the joy she brings me.

And all the joy she brings to others.

I am thankful for my husband who works hard for us.
I am thankful I can stay home and care for Reese.
I have so much to be thankful for.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Kurly Karson

Eight years ago today my sister, Kate, gave birth to Karson Elizabeth.
She was named after me and her brother, Jackson.
She's pretty special to all of us.

On a recent Sunday we celebrated her birth.
She received many presents.
She was excited one of them was a guitar.

Thanks Nana and Papa!

We enjoyed a mini concert.
She'll be starting guitar lessons soon.

Reese spent quite of bit of time hanging with Aunt Kate.

She had fun playing with wrapping and tissue paper.
What is it with babies and paper products?

She didn't know what to think when Uncle Bryan put her in the guitar box.

However, she loved it when her furry friend, Cosmo, went into the box!

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.

And eat chocolate cake and icecream.
No wonder she wouldn't leave her Aunt Kate's side!

Happy 8th Birthday Karson Elizabeth.
I love you and so does many others!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mother of the Year

I probably won't be receiving a Mother of the Year Award for teaching Reese to do this.

Oh well.

If she didn't learn it from me she would have learned it from someone else.

At least that's what I plan on telling myself when she starts doing it in public to innocent men, women, and children.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What a Ham!

Sometimes when I pull my camera out


Decides to

Ham It Up

and Smile

Really BIG!

Pardon her hair do.
Or hair don't, rather.

It was just that kind of day!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Top Ten

In honor of Reese turning 10 months old today, I have compiled a list of her Top Ten favorite things to do.
At the moment anyway.

These are in no particular order...

1. Bath Time

This bathing beauty squeels with delight (most nights) when she's first placed in the tub.
She's also not afraid to show her displeasure when bath time has concluded.

2. Eating

This girl will eat anything and a lot of it.
She recently tried dog crunchies and toliet paper for the first (and probably not last) time.
Hats off to the chef.
She loved both.

3. Climbing Stairs

Lord give me patience and strength on this one.

4. Chasing the dogs

RUN Bella and Tucker RUUUNNNN!
Seriously do run, because she'll either try to poke you in the eye or pull your tail.

5. Going to Gymboree

Reese loves is obsessed with Gymbo the clown puppet.
He's the class mascot.
The truth is he totally freaks me out.
Sorry Reese, no clowns at your future b-day parties.
Here he is. Freaky right?

6. Reading a good book

She still loves to be read to and often times I'll find her "reading" a book to herself.
She just babbles away and turns the pages.
I hope this never changes.
She has an opinion, too, on what makes a book good.
If she doesn't like it, she'll let you know in her own way.

7. Watching Baby Einstein

Her favorite parts include the puppets. 
She smiles big and laughs. 
It's precious to watch her reactions.

8. Playing with ANYthing besides her toys

You know---the phone,



and shoes to name a few.

9. Crawling and Standing Up

Her energy exhaustes me.

10. Sassin' her mother

Yeah, you read that right.
She gives me a sassy attitude when things don't go her way.
God forbid I take away something she wants, but shouldn't have.
I make her take the "n" word. (naps)
Can you believe I won't let her play with electrical cords either!

Here is a picture of another 10 month old girl.
Can you guess who this could be?
I am fairly certain she was never sassy to her mother at Reese's age.

I can't wait to see what Reese is like at 14.
No, now that I think about it, I can happily wait.

Did you happen to notice Sleeping, Cuddling, and Relaxing were missing from the list?
It's true!
Reese currently doesn't enjoy these things.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

Mommy had a little lamb,

little lamb,

little lamb.

Mommy had a little lamb whose daddy loves her so.

The lamb followed her to trick or treat,

treat or treat,

trick or treat,

But, the lamb was happiest headed home.

I can't say Reese enjoyed her first Halloween as a lamb.
I sure did.
With the kind of faces she was making she would have been better dressed up as a lion.

Oh well, we'll give it another go next year!