Tuesday, July 31, 2012

18 months

This is the face of a one and a half year old!
Can you believe it?

Today at her check up she was 23 lbs. and 11 oz. which puts her in the 60th percentile for weight.  She was also 32.5 inches tall which puts her in the 40th percentile for height.

Reese has been talking up a storm lately.
These are the words I hear her say most often:

Momma  Daddy  Tucker  Bella  Nana  Papa  Baby
Elmo Abby Cookie  Dog  Hippo  Duck  Cow  Bear
Ball  Car  Eat  Night-Night  Up  Down  Please Hair
Nose  Mouth  Bye-Bye  More  Milk  All-Done  Bath
Pooh  No

"No" happens to be my personal fave.

She makes these awesome sounds:

Moo  Woof  Baaa  Quack  Roar  Meow  Beep-Beep
Aaachoo  Mmmm  Ut-oh

She signs these words:

Milk  Water  More  All-Done  Bath  Eat

She might be becoming a big girl, but no matter how big she gets she'll always be my baby.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SFV 2012

Last week we spent time in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on our annual Sanders' Family Vacation. I had never traveled to that part of the U.S. and I must say it was really beautiful. We rented some condos that were high in the Smoky Mountains. The views were pretty incredible.

One day we went on a aerial tram ride.

Reese held on tight to me (and Eeyore of course) and I held on tight to the hand pole.

When we reached the top there was fun waiting for us.
A carousal ride.

A black bear exhibit

With the two cutest black bear cubs,

and otters.

Another day we explored a large Aqaurium.
It had clear tubes for Reese to crawl through.

And a shark exhibit.


Yikes! There was a shark that looked like it had a chainsaw for a nose. I wouldn't want to find myself swimming around with that guy!

Papa Sanders and Reese watched the Mermaid Show. Yes, there were Mermaids at this Aquarium.

During the show I kept singing The Little Mermaid Disney songs to Reese. "Under da Sea..." and "I wanna be where the people are..." I try to sneak Disney into any situation to expand her Disney knowledge. Pathetic? Maybe. Regrets? No way!

The Aquarium was also the place where Reese enjoyed her first corndog on a stick. 

She looks like such a big girl in this photo.

Later in the week fun was had by all at Dollywood.

Momma and Reese rode the spinning teacups.

Daddy and Reese rode the ducks together.

I was not prepared (emotionally) to see Reese ride her first ride solo, but it happened anyway. When did she get old enough to do this?

What do these ducks do Mommy?

She sure knew what these were for!
She was in Stuffed Animal Heaven.

Reese beat the heat by playing in the splash area with her cousins Ryan and Dylan.

Well, those are some highlights from our trip. I'm glad we spent the week in such a pretty place. There's no place quite as pretty as your own home though.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Wisconsin 2012

We returned recently from a trip to Wisconsin to visit Joe's extended family.

Reese enjoyed the kiddie pool at our hotel.
That was my favorite part about vacationing as a small child--getting to swim at the hotels!

She's a chip off the old block I guess because she had a whale of a good time. Get it? Whale--she's sliding down a whale...okay people, so anyway...

We drove to Bayfield, Wisconsin while we were there with Joe's parents, his Aunts, his cousin and his Grandma Mac. It was a quaint town with nice restaurants and shopping.

Our main purpose for this trip was for Reese to spend time with her Great Grandma Mac.
She's such a special person.
Mission accomplished.

This was our view from the condo we rented.
Bayfield is on Lake Superior.
Very much a sailing community.

One day we took a boat tour to visit the surrounding Apostle Islands. Reese made her rounds visiting with everyone in our group.

We were happy to share.

We decided to sit inside the boat because of the wind (with Reese), but it would have been much more enjoyable if we would have been on the top deck I believe.

A short walk from our condo was a pretty neat playground we took advantage of.

Reese was able to run!

Make noise!

And just be a kid!
Ahhh, Freedom!

Peek-a-boo Mom, I see you!

Joe put Reese on her bottom, but when it came time to slide down...

She pulled a switcher-roo. Little stinker.

Family Picture Time--
You knew it was coming.

Until next time Wisconsin!