Thursday, February 14, 2013

I heart New York

I heart many things.
Today's focus is on my heart for NYC.

In December, Joe and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in the big apple and we had a blast. This was our first airplane trip away from Reese since she was born so it was a bit bittersweet, but mostly sweet. She stayed at home with grandparents and her aunt and uncle and according to them she adjusted well to her new caregivers. I am so thankful to have great family members who love Reese and who Reese loves in return. It gave me a lot of comfort knowing that she was in good hands without us.

We stayed at the Jeremiah Essex House.

We thought the location of Central Park South couldn't be better. Here was our view.
Hello Central Park!

We took several walks around Central Park during our stay. It was really chilly, but we spent hours exploring it anyway.

We even ice skated at one of the rinks inside the park.

As luck would have it--snow started falling 5 minutes into our ice skating adventure. Coincidence? 
I. think. not.

A highlight of our trip was going to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes. The show was filled with Christmas songs and dancing. It was really entertaining and a must do for anyone traveling to NYC for the holidays.

Other highlights were the views from the Empire State Building,

Exploring The Museum of Natural History,

Shopping at Macy's and Bloomingdales,

And taking a carriage ride through Central Park.

I truly loved doing all the "touristy things," but I equally loved just getting "lost" walking around the city. We rode the subway often. One day we took it to Greenwich Village, ate John's Pizzeria and a Magnolia Bakery cupcake and just walked and walked the neighborhood. It was great.

On other walks we saw Grand Central Station,

The NY library,

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel,

and the Memorial in Central Park for John Lennon.

The food was awesome, too. I could seriously go on and on about all the wonderful meals we had there. The first meal we shared was at a cafe just down from our hotel called Sara Beth's. This place served the best french toast and we actually loved it so much we ate there three times. I repeat--three times!

Our first dinner was at a restaurant right beside Rocker feller Center so we were able to see the big Christmas tree lit up and the ice skaters.

We also had ham and cheese croissants at Zabar's that were oh so delicious

and the frozen hot chocolate at Dylan's Candy Bar was too shabby either.

All in all it was a fantastic getaway filled with fantastic memories. 

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly heart NYC any more this little (or big) souvenir decides to come into our lives. 

New addition expected September 15, 2013. 

Man, NYC you're too good to us!
I heart you, I heart you, I heart you!