Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mommy Guilt Monday, I mean Wednesday

I had somewhere very important to be on Monday, so the Mommy Guilt Monday post got neglected until today! I hope you don't mind that I unload some of my current Mommy guilt on a day other than Monday.

(1) For starters...I feel guilty this blog has become a "Mommy Guilt Monday" kinda blog versus a "Let me show you cute pictures and tell you cute stories about my child" kinda blog. Man I stink at this blogging.

Well, from this day forward I promise to make more of an effort to blog about all the things Reese is up to nowadays. And boy let me tell ya--she is up to some pretty cute things!

I will now show you some adorable pictures of my adorable daughter. Pictures I meant to blog about and never did. Mother. Of. The. Year.

This is a picture of Reese's first pedicure. Well, it wasn't quite a pedicure. It was more of a quick polish job--i.e. there was no massaging or soaking of feet involved (in other words she got cheated).

Basically, she saw me painting my nails in a Thunder blue (for the Playoff Games--I told you it was awhile back) and she wanted hers done, too. 

I might add that on this particular May day we stayed in our PJs all day, made a floor pallet in the basement, and watched Disney movies all day. It was heaven.

I've been meaning to (also) blog about Reese's sleeping habits. For awhile Miss Reese was waking at 5:45 a.m. Ouch! That was a rough patch. The "lack of sleep culprit" (or 2 year molar) is more than half way in and we are all thankful she's sleeping better and in less pain now. Only 3 more molars to go!

I wasn't always a nice person by the end of a 5:45 morning wake up call kinda day. Reese is now waking at 7:30-7:45 every morning and I am a much happier Mommy, Reese is a much happier toddler, and well--Joe is happy to come home to a happier household. 

This is a picture of one of Reese's favorite sleeping positions at the moment. Hey, whatever works.

I (also, also) intended on blogging about how much Reese enjoyed swinging at the park. Well, I never got around to it and actually there was awhile where she couldn't stand to swing (don't ask me why because I don't know) however now she is a swinging maniac again.

(2) I feel guilty about "Reese projects" that have yet to be completed.

Take her baby book for it is. 

You're looking at it correctly. It is currently a pile of papers and pictures in the box her baby book was purchased in. Does anyone else have their child's baby book in this condition? Someone just needs to lie to me and say I'm not the only one. Honestly, I have no motivation to put it together. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nil. Well, you get the idea. Maybe I like the idea of doing a baby book for Reese more than actually doing it. At least I have this blog to show her someday. 

And...what about her first year monthly photo frame that's hanging in her bedroom? Well here it is.

Do you notice anything missing? 

Yep, according to this Reese never turned a year old. Geez. Why can't I put a stinkin' picture in there? It's just one little picture and then the frame is complete. Well, I don't know. At this point it's kinda comical. I mean she's almost two. I will get to it someday just don't ask me when. I feel guilty enough about it as it is.

(3) The last Mommy Guilt reveal for the day is...I feel horrible guilt when Reese gets hurt. Reese falls a lot. It's a toddler thing. I get it. It's the big falls and boo-boos I feel guilty about. 

Take the latest black toe nail incident. Reese wanted to go into the restroom with me and although I didn't necessarily want her in there with me sometimes we Mommies don't have much choice in the matter. So as I am (ahem) using the potty Reese decides to reach for a jar candle (which she hadn't been able to reach before that day) and dropped it on her foot. I felt terrible. Absolutely horrible. This was a month or so ago and that stinkin' toe nail is still black. It's like it is sticking around to say, "Hey remember when you let your daughter pull a candle on top of her're awesome at the mothering thing."

Reese has a new boo-boo, too. She pulled the dishwasher door on top of herself a few nights ago (the spring broke). Talk about me having a near heart attack. Wow! That was scary. Luckily, she kinda caught herself as she was falling and only walked away with a small bump on the back of her head.  Can you see it? Poor thing. I was literally right there when it happened, too. Even when you're a step away you can't always protect them from a dangerous situation.

I am so thankful Reese (and all children really) are so resilient. This picture was taken on the same night as the dishwasher incident. 

Is it just me or is this naked, bathing baby girl the cutest thing ever?

You can tell me the truth. I know she is.