Thursday, April 12, 2012

Best Friends

They're both 15 months old and best friends-
so what do they do?
If you give me a quick sec-
I'll happily show you!

For starters they meet at the mall on Wednesdays-Wheeeeeee!

Certainly wear matching outfits to Gymboree.

Catching floating bubbles is a must!

And it's the Science Museum or bust!

They love zoo days in the sun, sun, sun!

Catching up here is fun, fun, fun!

Miles and miles to run, run, run!

Reese and Emma,
Emma and Reese,

These girls together have a heck of a time,
What else can I say? They're partners in crime!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We spent Easter at my parent's house this year. Reese's Papa Bear and Nana Charlotte sure know how to put on a great celebration at their house. It's so peaceful and relaxing there with plenty of outdoor space for Reese to roam around and explore.

On her exploration Reese encountered a couple of real critters and several fake ones!


Like this squirrel,

this fuzzy, peeping chick
(which she loved so much she kissed)

and this tortoise.

The tortoise was the perfect size for riding.

There were plenty of encounters with real people, too.
People who love Reese very much.

People who feed her one of her most favorite foods--cheese!

People who are willing to patiently show her how an egg hunt is suppose to be done.

And offer help when she doesn't quite "get it."

It was such a beautifully sunny Easter Day.
Perfect for wearing shades

and a smile.


Before Easter we did pay a visit to the mall Easter Bunny. I wasn't actually planning on taking her, but while we were there shopping around she happened to see him. As soon as she did she immediately started dancing and laughing so I thought what tha heck! Why not? Let's do it to make this girl happy. However, as luck would have it, when it was time to take the photo (instead of looking happy) she sucked her thumb. I should have known she'd do this--Oh well! It's still a cute picture in my opinion.

The Easter Bunny was so impressed with Reese he left her an awesome Easter basket filled with goodies! Can anyone say books? All Dogs Go to Heaven? Cookie Monster? Elmo? Bunny Glasses? Bubbles? 

Man that Easter Bunny's tha bomb!

Happy (belated) Easter to all!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Or should I call it what it really was?
A Dog Hunt!

Everywhere Reese looked on Saturday morning there were dogs to approach and this little Easter dressed girl was in absolute doggy heaven.




and Brown. 

She didn't discriminate--just loved them all.
She also showed the Easter Bunny some love.

However, she wasn't comfortable getting too close.
A friendly wave was sufficient.
She didn't want the doggies getting jealous or anything.

As far as the 30 second Egg Hunt goes...
We walked away with 2 eggs.
Reese couldn't have cared less.

She seemed semi interested in the treats inside.
Joe and I ate them for her though.

When she wasn't chasing dogs she was busy, busy.
Walking around.
Barely stopping--even for a quick drink.

Or a shoulder ride from daddy.

Let's face it--
Reese had places to go, and eggs dogs to hunt!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's A Gymboree Day!

Currently our Gymboree Day is every Wednesday.
Reese loves time with friends, her teacher, and Gymbo.

A typical Gymboree Day starts off with a parent-child gathering on the mats. We greet each other, sing a few songs, and then we disperse to play.

On this day we arrived early so Reese was able to enjoy some inner tubes that the previous class used.

During playtime she almost always makes her way over to the balls. "Ball" is one of the words Reese has learned to say and she says it often.
On a recent trip to Whole Foods Reese said "ball" many times. As I put grapefruits, apples, and cantaloupe into our cart she shouted out "ball."  

Recently she has really enjoyed going down slides and through tunnels.

She also loves music. Making music is even better.

Gymbo the Clown gets plenty of attention from Reese while we're there.

A little too much attention at times.

Then it's air log pushing time. 
Reese sees this activity as more of a chore, so she rarely participates.

Bubble Time is always a hit with Reese.
What kid doesn't love bubbles--right??

Next all the kids are put in the middle of the parachute and the adults spin them around. This is the time of the class when I wish I was one of the kids.

Here Reese is watching the parachute go up and down while she's underneath.

Towards the end of this Reese always tries to run off with Gymbo.

Her teacher, Ms. Susan, has to take him from her, but

Thankfully she brings out Little Gymbo as a replacement. Whew! That was a close one!


It's a Gymboree Day!