Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hide and Seek

If you've been a parent or are currently parenting I am sure you can relate to what's been happening in our house lately.

Joe, Reese and I will be enjoying some quality family time and before we realize it Miss Reese has vanished. You know the vanishing toddler act? The one where .5 seconds ago you saw them and then you're looking at each other going, "Where did she go?" You can't hear her so you know she's up to something and it's probably no good. So you both split up for "the search."

Well this happened to us the other morning. Joe rounded the hallway corner and said, "Honey, I found her! Come look!"

Busted! This girl loves a full laundry basket to play in.

And look at that face! Now tell are we suppose to ever get mad at that mischievous, beautiful, and sweet face? Beats me!

I keep telling myself one day I'll miss these sweet moments and I am sure I will, but for now the hide and seek game is exhausting on this momma! How can something so young and small be so fast?

Again, Beats Me!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Born to be Wild

Lyrics by: Steppenwolf

Get your motor running,

head out on the highway,

Looking for adventure 

in whatever comes our way.

Yeah, darling, gonna make it happen,

take the world in a lovely embrace.

Fire all of your guns at once and explode into space!

Reese has a new ride! 
She's getting wild on her Smart Trike.
The way she was born to be.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Evening in the Park

Last Sunday Joe, Reese, and I went to the Downtown Park to picnic and play. We started out at the Splash Pad where Reese had a blast getting so very




Then it was off to explore the gardens and waterways around the Crystal Bridge. Reese couldn't believe her eyes when we stumbled upon some ducks that were playing one of her favorite games. 

Can you guess which one?





Those ducks were sure cracking us up. Reese kept saying kack! kack! (her version of quack! quack!) I'm on the fence right now as to whether I should ever correct her, because her version of duck noises is so much cuter in my opinion.

To end our evening in the park we just strolled around seeing what else it had to offer.

One treasure we found along the way was a long wading pool.

Reese loved lying in it,

walking in it,

giggling in it,

and just being plain silly.

If you haven't had an Evening in the Park yet I strongly recommend it! They are even offering FREE concerts in the Park's awesome amphitheater. The concerts start at 7:30 p.m. every Sunday through summer. Check out this website for more info!

Hopefully you have An Evening in the Park soon, too.
We might even see ya around!