Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend was pretty awesome. Friday night I ordered take-out (sushi--which I love) and Joe and I watched a movie in the basement. We still try to squeeze in a date night each week, even if we stay in.

As usual, I woke up Saturday morning with Reese. Later on, when Joe woke up, he came downstairs and told me I should go see the Hot Air Balloon outside. Well, sure enough I walk out and there it was, in my own backyard. A-MAZING!

I had only seen Hot Air Balloons in the movies,  so I snapped a picture as I squeeled with delight.

Then on Saturday night we met some family at CrabTown. Joe and I ate King crab legs that were oh so delicious. Reese tried corn on the cob for the first time and she was not disappointed!

Momma's girl through and through, I'd say. Cuz' anyone who knows me KNOWS I love me some corn!

Joe was, of course, appalled by this. He is anti gnawing on food items. I reminded him that the State Fair was right around the corner so he better ready himself for two girls gnawing on some corn this year. I believe the thought of this actually happening keeps him up at night.

After we got Reese to bed on Saturday night my brother, Bryan, and his fiance*, Amy, came over to play a heated card game of Phase 10. Amy came from behind to win the game and although I didn't win, I did have bunches of fun.

*SIDE NOTE: Does the word "fiance" bother anyone else who is a Big Brother fan or is it just me? I was always fine with this word, but Rachel and Brendon have said it too much this season. It's just annoying to me now.

On Sunday morning, after I slept in (woo-hoo), Joe and I walked Reese to the park.

She loves to swing,

gives you THIS look when the swing starts to slow down, and...

THIS look when the swing stops.

Too funny.

I walked across the playground bridge with Reese.

Ahhh, sweet girl.

We also went down the small slide.


Acting like a kid again is one of the highlights of parenting!

To top off the weekend we saw these little guys on our walk back home.

The cutest little ducks EVER.

Like I said, we had a pretty awesome weekend.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Aquarium Visit

We took Reese to the Oklahoma Aquarium last weekend while visiting with Joe's family in Tulsa. It's a pretty neat place if you've never been. We thought Reese would enjoy looking at the different sea creatures since she enjoys all things water.

I think the Aquarium was just too crowded for Reese to enjoy. I guess that's the risk you take when you go somewhere on the busy weekend. This is pretty much how she looked during the first half of our visit there.

Totally Overwhelmed 

Then Daddy held her, but still she wasn't liking being in a noisy and over crowed place.

Look at that scared face

They did have an exhibit of baby Nemos and Dori swimming around that reminded me of taking Reese to this place one day.

Joe says it doesn't make sense to take her there until she knows some of the characters and, although I totally agree with him, I can't wait till the day comes when I can take her here and here.

I will now admit to two things:

(1) Buying Reese a souvenir stuffed Nemo at the Aquarium gift shop.

(2) Showing it to her every day since the Aquarium visit saying, "Nemo, Nemo!"

I AM GUILTY of trying to expand her Disney character knowledge, but how else is she going to learn!?

After Reese warmed up a bit she seemed to enjoy seeing...

the stingrays,

the turtles,

the frogs (or toads--whatever),

and the fish.

They also had an Aquarium tunnel, with sharks in it, that you could walk through. This exhibit was the highlight for me. Too bad I didn't get a picture of it.

The trip to the Aquarium is probably like most of the excursions we'll take with Reese--we need to try it again when she's older and able to enjoy it more! 

All in all it was still a good family day! Just not Reese's absolute favorite!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Song for Reese

I sing Reese songs all the time. I wouldn't call myself a good singer, but she doesn't seem to mind. I sing her the usual children's songs like "Old MacDonald" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider," but often times I make up songs to familiar tunes. Recently, I have been singing her a song that is sung to the tune of B-I-N-G-O.

It goes like this...

There is a girl,
that we all know,
and Reese is her name oh!
And Reese is her name oh!

From here I just make up verses. You know, whatever pops into my head at the time, like...

There is a girl,
who loves Gymboree,
and Reese is her name oh!

And Reese is her name oh!

There is a girl,
who loves floating bubbles,
and Reese is her name oh!

And Reese is her name oh!

There is a girl,
who is way too curious, 
and Reese is her name oh!

And Reese is her name oh!

There is a girl,
who loves her thumb,
and Reese is her name oh!

And Reese is her name oh!

There is a girl,
whose toe sticks up,
and Reese is her name oh!

And Reese is her name oh!

There is a girl,
who's so, so loved,
and Reese is her name oh!

And Reese is her name oh!

Now... if you read this song, instead of singing it, go back and sing it this time! It's bound to get stuck in your head though!

Still, sing it like I do--I pretend no one is listening! 
Reese thinks it's the jam!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Zoo Day

Joe, Reese, and I went to the Oklahoma City Zoo over the weekend. The weather on Saturday morning was too perfect not to go. We had been wanting to see the baby elephant that arrived earlier this year, but the extreme heat has been stopping us from doing it.

We were in awe when we finally got to see her.

The elephants couldn't have been more excited when they were finally let outside for the day!

Reese seemed to enjoy the fresh air, too.

Soon after seeing the baby elephant, my baby fell asleep...AND stayed asleep for the rest of the Zoo trip.

While Reese caught some ZZZZ, Joe and I walked around and saw most of the animals.

We saw Giraffes,

 Zebras, and


Oh My!

The hippo was even out of its' pool of water. Now, how often can you say that!?

I wish Reese would have been awake to help me pet the goats at the Petting Zoo, but no such luck.

Oh well, maybe next time! It sure was a great day at the Zoo with my best guy and gal!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Niagara Falls Vacation

This post is really long and contains many pictures. 
I apologize in advance.

Last month the Sanders Family went to Niagara Falls. We stayed at a rental house in Canada. It happened to be a waterfront home on Lake Erie and 20 minutes from the Niagara Falls area. Perfect really.

This is the view of the house we stayed at.

And this is the view of the lake from the back deck.
It was pretty incredible.

We spent quite a bit of time out on the deck...enjoying the view, eating, making smores at night, know the usual family stuff.

The first morning there, Reese spent some time on her Grandpa's lap.

She even put on a fashion show after she was given stole Julia's sunglasses.


Reese also enjoyed her Baby Einstein exersaucer! It was something new and different and well, anything Baby Einstein is fabulous in her eyes.

SIDE NOTE: We rented a bunch of baby equipment from a baby delivery company so we wouldn't be without all the "essentials."

We did make sure to bring her Baby Einstein DVDs from home. She was centainly happy we did.

She enjoyed watching them just as much as she does at home. No surprise there.

You might be wondering--

Who all was in attendance on this Sanders' Family Trip?
Well, I'll show you.

Reese's Grandpa and Grandma Sanders.
AKA: Mark and Kathy

Reese's Aunt Tiffany and her cousins Megan and Julia.

Reese's (crazy) Aunt Kerry and Uncle Bill.
Crazy in a good way!

And their kiddos. 
Cousin Ryan.

Cousin Dylan.

Then us, of course.

You might also be wondering--

What did they do while they were there? 
Well, I'll give you a sampling.

We did the "Journey Behind the Falls"

and saw views like this.

We went to the Skylon Tower and ate lunch.

This is the view of the Falls from the restaurant.

Reese enjoyed sitting in a highchair while we ate.
Don't worry, she ate, too.

We went to the Hard Rock Cafe. It was Reese's first experience there and she loved the music and atmosphere!

I would highly recommend doing "The Maid of the Mist" boat ride. We did and it was probably the highlight of the trip for me. The boats get really close to the falls and you learn a bit of history, too.

We have a couple other plane trips planned this year, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered Reese is an excellent traveler.

Not that I was worried or anything! I can't wait to travel the world with this girl and show her what it has to offer!