Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas is All Around Us

I don't have pictures to show for our Thanksgiving.

Reese got a GI bug a few days leading up to Thanksgiving so we had to cancel our plans with Joe's family. We were really looking forward to spending the holiday in Tulsa with his parents and his sister and her family, but sometimes "that's the way the cookie crumbles" I guess.

We stayed home, Joe cooked a turkey, and my mom shared some of their Thanksgiving goodies with us, so we did get to feast just not the way we would have most liked too. Some highlights of the day were vomit and diarrhea watching The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and being with the two people I love most. I truly do have a lot to be thankful for and (joking aside) I do need to always remind myself of that.

By Friday Reese was feeling much better so we headed out to our annual Christmas tree spot.

On the way there I told Reese we were going to a tree farm. She responded, "Farm? Sheep! Baaa!" I said, "That's right we're going to a farm, but not that kind of farm." She was so excited. She kept making sheep sounds in the backseat. It was cute.

Here she is checking out the Christmas tree selection with Elmo's help (of course).

Reese posing by the big bear sign.
She looks so small in comparison.

This girl was happy to be feeling better and in true Rocky style...


and ran,

and ran!

While still taking breaks to walk while holding Daddy's hand through the tree farm grounds.

It was a great time (as always) at the Martinbird Tree Farm.

After getting home from the tree farm the real work began. See, I like to get the whole house decorated for Christmas during Thanksgiving weekend. For one I have Joe's help and two I like my house to be Christmas"tized" for as long as possible. 

Our real Christmas tree decorated.

And our four artificial trees decorated.
Yes, if you added we have five Christmas trees total. 
Call me crazy.

Let's see...there's the Snowman Tree,

The Santa tree,

The tree divided (OU/OSU),
Boomer Sooner!

and the Angel Tree.

Hey! My Aunt Pam has 30+ Christmas trees in her house each year, so please no judgement on my measly five trees!

We also put up a Christmas Village and 

I decorated my Grandma Carol's old chest and filled it with Christmas movies.

Needless to say there was a whole lot of decorating. 
Christmas is all around us. 
I'm loving it!