Friday, May 17, 2013

WDW Day 5

We started Day 5 in the Magic Kingdom. We arrived an hour before our breakfast reservation so we were able to ride a few rides.

First we rode the Jungle Cruise (no pictures). Reese seemed to like it. It's kinda corny, but worth going on if the line isn't too long.

Then we rode Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride. This was a "tester" of sorts to see if she'd like riding Dumbo the Flying Elephant. They are basically the same ride, just different themes, however Dumbo has much longer lines. We thought we'd get a Fast pass to Dumbo if she ended up liking Aladdin. 


it turns out...

She LOVED it! 
"Again!" "Again!" "Again!"

So, while Daddy went to get our Fast passes to Dumbo, Reese and I rode the Magic Carpet Ride Again, Again, Again!

Afterwards we had a celebrity sighting! Jasmine and Aladdin greeted us as we exited the ride.
Reese just calls them "A Whole New World." This is the song Reese knows from the movie although she's never seen it. 

Our breakfast was a character buffet at Crystal Palace restaurant. This character breakfast is set in the hundred acre wood with Winnie the Pooh and Friends.

Reese met Piglet

Tigger (again)

And of course--Eeyore "The Man"!

Eeyore was sweet and silly.

Reese loved cuddling with him.

She also was able to snuggle with Pooh Bear (again).

When our bellies were full (such a great buffet) we headed off to Dumbo.

Reese LOVED it!
"Again!" "Again!" "Up, Up, Up!"

Then she rode a Carousel horse with Daddy.

Such a big girl now!

Then we headed back to Adventure Land for a tasty treat I had read about, but never experienced! A pineapple Dole float!

This is where you get them at

and I must say YUMMY! It's worth the trek there.

While I finished eating this treat (I did share a little--promise) Joe and Reese rode the Magic Carpet Ride again! What can I say--Reese found "her kinda ride." I'm just sorry we didn't ride these sooner!

We then headed to Pirates of the Carribean. Reese was neutral on this one. It was dark and there was a small drop, but it didn't seem to scare her. I think of this ride as "Classic Disney" at it's best. Yo ho--Yo ho--A Pirate's Life for Me!

After a ride back to the front of the park on the Walt Disney Express train we were off to swim at our resort and nap.

Reese went down the slide

By herself

With Daddy waiting at the end

too many times to count!

Popsicles were had

and thoroughly enjoyed!

After napping we headed to Epcot. 

We first rode Spaceship Earth. We all enjoyed it but we're hungry so we headed to eat!

Our dinner was at The Coral Reef restaurant. It was really neat to eat right next to the huge aquariums we had seen just the other day. A large sea turtle was sleeping next to us during half of our meal. Reese called him "Crush" (from Nemo).

And there were sharks swimming all around us, too. "Bruce!" "Bruce!" Reese would shout.

Stingrays were swimming around as well. I told Reese, "It must be a school day, because there's Mr. Ray--Nemo's teacher!" She thought that was funny.

Day 5 was a full, but great Disney day.

Day 6 was our last full day at Disney! 
Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures, but I will still unload the memories.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

WDW Day 4

We started off Day 4 at Akershus restaurant located in Norway at Epcot's World Showcase. They have a buffet breakfast (although not the best) and a whole lot princesses!

Reese met Sleeping Beauty.

She is still talking about her.

Cinderella was there, too. Reese has requested to watch the Cinderella movie everyday since we've been home (not Nemo--what, what??)

Snow White was there, too.

And let's not forget Ariel.

Reese has also requested to watch "Ariel" a.k.a The Little Mermaid movie since we've returned, however, we don't own it! That Disney Movie Vault can be such a bummer sometimes.

After we ate, we headed over the Sea Pavilion. They have many great Finding Nemo attractions that Reese just loved. We first rode The Nemo and Friends Ride. Then we checked out some tropical fish aquariums. Reese would call out the fish she knew--"Nemo!" "Marlin!" "Dory!"

We even got to crawl into Bruce the shark's mouth.

Then we did Turtle Talk with Crush. Reese was able to sit on the floor with all the other kids while Crush talked to them. Joe and I were both laughing--a lot. This was a super cute attraction.

Afterwards we headed upstairs to look at the giant aquariums.

Reese enjoyed pointing out all the different sea creatures she knew.

We made a short walk over to The Journey with Figment Ride and hung out in the activity room that you come to after the ride is over. Here is Reese dancing (or spinning) around the floor tiles that make music when you walk over them.

Epcot was beautiful.

They were in the middle of their Flower and Garden Show while we were there. 

It was such a treat to walk through. A gardener's dream for sure.

We stumbled upon a playground so we stopped in for a quick play time.

Then it was time for our lunch at San Angel Inn restaurant. This is at Mexico in the World Showcase. They have a short boat ride inside the restaurant's building that we went on and then it was time for our yummy meal! 

We had perfect seats--right next to the volcano and canal where the boats come down. This is one of my favorite restaurants. I've been many times during my childhood and (for me) this is a must do every trip.

Reese coloring with Daddy and Squirt (a souvenir we picked up earlier from the Nemo gift shop).

We headed back to our resort for a nap after lunch.
Bye for now Epcot!

After napping, we caught a bus to Hollywood Studios. A bug landed on Reese almost as soon as she sat down and it kept her company during the entire ride to the park. Reese loves bugs. I'm not at all sure where she gets this, but the girl loves critters! She kept talking to it, "My bug" and even tried to kiss it. I drew the line there. I am glad she's an animal and nature lover though.

Our first stop was the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground set.
Reese had a ball climbing and riding the ant.

Sorry, but is this not the sweetest picture you've ever seen? She loves her Daddy and I think we can all see the feeling is mutual.

Reese, Eeyore, and I (plus baby # 2) slid down and few slides together.

It was fun!

Made me feel like a kid again.

Reese running through the ant tunnels

and climbing the stairs "by myself" was her request.

Then we made our way over to the Sci-Fi Drive In Restaurant for dinner.

Reese enjoyed playing in the car with all the other kids while we waited for our table to be ready.

Your table is actually inside a car and your made to feel like your eating outdoors while watching a drive in movie. The food isn't great (milkshakes are good), but the atmosphere is pretty neat.

We ended our evening seeing The Voyage of the Little Mermaid Show again (but with Daddy this time). We bought a Pascal stuffed animal at the gift shop located right to this attraction. Seriously made Reese so happy. Pascal is the chameleon off of Tangled (or "Rapunsel" as Reese calls it). He now sleeps with her at night.

Day 4 wiped me out! We had a very busy day.

WDW Day 5 is busy, too. It's coming up next!