Sunday, January 20, 2013

Emptying My I-Phone

Often times I don't want to lug my big camera around when Reese and I go on an outing and having an I-Phone makes taking pictures an easy, lazy alternative.

The quality of the pictures aren't as good, but the memories are still captured and that is what's most important to me.

On our last visit to the Science Museum we were able to play with this huge Lite Bright--at least that's the name of the toy it reminded me of. I got to return to my own childhood for a bit and it was awesome!

During a holiday Target run Reese found these reindeer antlers in a dollar bin. She loved singing Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and we took turns wearing them. It kept her busy and happy while we shopped and she still enjoyed wearing them when we got home. She would put them on, dance, and try to sing the song by herself.

Reese picked these "fancy" stilettos out all by herself when Mommy was trying on boots at the mall. Joe says he hopes Reese never has a job that requires her to wear shoes like these. Ha!

Some days Reese is adamant about not wearing a diaper. She demands big girl "undies" and nothing else will do. This would be fabulous if she didn't take a piss in them and instead took her potty breaks on the potty, but we're making baby steps--right?

On the day this was taken she made it a couple of hours with no accidents in her undies. I was really proud of her. So was Eeyore.

She's been enjoying playing with the Scrabble tile letters. We'll dump them out on the floor, go over the letters/sounds, and then she'll put them all back in the bag.

Joe and I were able to have a date night outside by our new fireplace before it got really, really cold. It was nice to relax, talk, and drink a glass of wine together. I am glad we have a nice outdoor space to use as a family. Now bring on the Spring season!

Here is Reese reading books on her (actual) 2nd birthday! Sweet, sweet girl.

Here she is later on that day cooking in her kitchen.
Do you notice anything missing?

I never thought I'd enjoy having an I-Phone as much as I do, but I admit--it's pretty great!

My favorite thing to do with it is take pictures of my favorite girl.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


It's been two years already?!

We celebrated Reese turning two with a family birthday party at our house. It was Sesame Street themed and most of "the gang" was able to be there.

Elmo made it--

along with his two great loves--crayons and goldfish!

Cookie Monster made it, too!
Mmmm! Cookies! Nom-Nom-Nom!

There were PB&J and Cheese Sandwiches--
Hey it's a two year old's party!

Every party needs balloons and cupcakes right? 
Check and Check.

There was also some awesome "Elmo Singing with the Stars" entertainment. Who doesn't wanna hear, Goo Goo Dolls, and REM sing with Elmo? Exactly--no one!

Reese looves her Cheetos so we made sure she had 'em.

She can eat them while talking

and driving. 
She's talented. 
What else is there to say?

Reese loved being sang to. I wish I had recorded it. Her reaction was priceless.

She was gifted a lot of new goodies. She was very thankful.

I think Reese's love of Elmo rubbed off on someone.
Cousin Karson is now Elmo's #1 fan.



Who's now T-W-O?

Happy 2nd Birthday Reese Caroline!
You are so loved.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas 1, 2, 3

We had three Christmas celebrations this year.

First we made our way to Tulsa to have a pre Christmas with The Sanders.

Reese really enjoyed swimming in Grandpa and Grandma's pool. Nothing beats swimming in a heated pool in the Winter!

After Reese was showered with gifts (that I don't have proof of) in Tulsa we headed back to OKC for another pre Christmas get together with my Mom, Don, brothers, and sisters for our Sibling Gift Exchange.

I love seeing each person's reaction to opening their gift. Bryan received some new tennis shoes from Kate and Glen. I've seen him wear them a few times since so I guess he likes them!

We had a quiet Christmas Eve and Christmas at home this year. I must admit it was nice to have some quiet time on the actual holiday after all the busy pre Christmas celebrations. What was not so nice was the croup that Reese had leading up to Christmas, on Christmas, and after Christmas. If you're keeping tabs on all Reese's illnesses this year (which I'm not because I've lost count) it's another holiday spent sick for her.

We still forged ahead with the Christmas festivities (despite Reese being up all night hacking) and she seemed to enjoy her presents from Mommy and Daddy.

Reese checking out her loot.

Riding Rody.

Falling off Rody.


Pushing her shopping cart.

Playing in her kitchen.

On Christmas morning Reese was surprised with even more loot from Santa.

Belle is currently Reese's favorite Disney princess. This is fitting since Belle loves to read as much as Reese does. She's worn this Belle t-shirt several times since Santa's visit.

Cutting up her play food.

Hard at work on her wooden name puzzle.

Wearing a Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer hair clip.
So cute.

Jumping on the trampoline!

Riding Rody some more!

Watching Reese play with all her new toys was fun, but the absolute best part of Christmas morning was sharing it with Papa Bear and Nana Charlotte.

Nothing beats cuddles from a Nana you love and a new furry friend.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Red Cake Day 2012

On December 9th (yes, over a month ago) we met in Shawnee for our annual Red Cake Day to honor my Grandma Carol. It's definitely a day I look forward to during the holiday season.

Tea Parties were had.

Girls giggled and talked and played.

Naps were needed but refused.

Mothers and daughters bonded.

Nana's love tank for her "grands" was filled.

Reese's love tank for all furry friends was filled, too.

Bellies were fed.

Relationships were strengthened.

Red cake was devoured.

Thanks for hosting another memorable Red Cake Day!

Aunt Christi, I love you bunches.