Monday, December 16, 2013

Big Sister Reese

I was a bit worried about how Reese would respond to becoming a big sister. The weeks leading up to Avery's arrival were interesting to say the least. Reese could definitely sense something big was happening. She acted more "baby like" to get attention, she wanted up in Avery's crib, she asked to be wrapped up like a baby and wanted to be rocked often. 

Well, Reese as a big sister is really, really sweet. She does have her tantrum moments, which I think happens more because she's 2, almost 3, than because of Avery's arrival, but overall she's adjusted so well. She really is the best big sister. She truly loves Avery and shows her love everyday.

Sisters snuggling--Reese requests this most mornings

This is the first photo of Reese seeing her little sister for the first time. I think she must of known something the rest of didn't because she continually told us the baby was a girl and she wanted a "sissy." We were relieved (in a way) to have another girl, so Reese would get her wish.

She was very gentle with Avery from day one and 3 months later she is still this way with her.

Reese liked playing with her baby dolls before Avery's arrival, but now she loves it. I would say more than half of her day is spent playing with her 3 baby dolls. Dressing them, undressing them, bathing them, nursing them, putting them to sleep, rocking them, diapering them...really everything I do for Avery, Reese does for her babies and it's so sweet to watch.

Reese wearing her baby

This is my favorite photo of the 2 of them together. This was taken the day Avery and I were released from the hospital. 

Big Sister kisses are the best.
Avery gets many of these kisses everyday.

Reese was very excited to have a backseat rider with her. On the way home from the hospital Joe and I asked Reese what was the first thing she wanted to show Avery when we got home. Reese didn't hesitate--"my books."

Reese wanted to hold Avery immediately and started reading away. Reese loves to read and to see her share her most favorite possessions with Avery almost did me in. I was a ball of hormones after all.

I am so glad I captured these first few minutes home with my girls on video. It is the sweetest minute and 56 seconds ever. You can just see the big sister pride Reese feels.

Our first outing as a family of four was to Barnes and Noble to play and get Reese some new books. We asked Reese if she wanted to go with just Mommy and Daddy or if we should bring Avery, too. (We were planning on asking Nana to babysit Avery if Reese wanted some one on one time with us). To our delight she said, "bring Avery. Avery go, too." While we were there she picked out a bunch of stuffed animals for Avery. Reese kept filling up Avery's carrier with stuffed animals--at one point we couldn't even see Avery anymore. 

Avery is a lucky girl for so many reasons, but having Reese as a big sister might just make her the luckiest little girl alive.

I'm so proud of my big girl.

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